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Matrix Software copyright 2002


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If have been looking for a tarot software program that can realistically create the experience of a professional reading Tarot by Matrix software is it!

You have three ways to deal a spread:

  • Let the computer deal.
  • Select your own cards one at a time.
  • You choose to put a card in any position.


      You have 18 choices of spreads:   Sample  
    Celtic Cross (Waite) Keltic Cross (Garen) Simplified Keltic Cross
    One Card Three Card Zodiac
    Yearly Zodiac Spiritual Guidance Tree of Life
    Chakras Love Wish
    Fortune Relationship Psychological
    Future Career/Work Question
      You can name and save spread and interpretations so you can bring them up at a later time.  
      In the professional version you can work with Tarot through two different menu systems. The professional version allows you to save contact information on each title page and save the spreads and readings in the .rtf and .htm formats for emailing.
    with the commercial version you may also modify exisitng spreads or create your own and assign new default categories with the Spread Editor.  


      The professional version allows you to choose from 60 tabletop designs and create different color combinations.   Sample  
      Includes ten tarot decks:   Sample  
    Rider/Waite       Aquarian Cloisters, Gareth Knight, Mother Morgan/Greer
    Peace  Native American Sacred Rose Yukiyoe Swiss
      You  could add your own decks.  
      You can use complete decks, major arcana, court cards or include reversed cards. Reversed cards are not interpreted.  
      You can add astrological keys to each card in the spread.  
      Create your own question or select from 32 categories any reading:   Sample  
    focus desire success  romance surprises
    others the home  travel papers beginnings
    visitors  fortune outcome blessings action
    finances health family news pleasure
    emotions unions work/career time friends
    rewards  mail anxiety endings inheritance
      guidance   disappointment  
      The On-Screen Reader allows you to easily move through the interpretations of each card.    Sample  
      The Show Report module allows you to see each portion of the actual report  before printing or saving in the professional version.     Sample  
      When you are satisfied with the spread and reading you can go ahead and produce your report.     Sample  
      The text is written by Nancy Garen and is from the book Tarot Made easy, published by Simon
     and Schuster, Inc., copyright 1989.

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